Freeze Stubborn Fat Deposits with CoolSculpting

If you want to refine your figure without surgery, CoolSculpting® offers a non-invasive treatment which can effectively target fat cells and sculpt a more toned figure. This advanced procedure is the only fat reduction treatment using cryolipolysis which is approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration. By freezing fat cells and allowing your body to process them naturally, CoolSculpting can dramatically enhance your figure. At Jain Plastic Surgery in Columbus, GA, our team is proud to offer this state-of-the-art technology. Drs. Ashish K. Jain and Tahira I. Prendergast can sit down with you and help you decide whether CoolSculpting is the right treatment option for your unique needs. 

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Coolsculpting is a safe, popular option to slim problem areas without surgery.

Is CoolSculpting Right for Me?

With CoolSculpting, our team can target fat cells that have proven resistant to diet and exercise. This unique treatment offers a non-invasive alternative to liposuction and other forms of traditional fat reduction. Good candidates for CoolSculpting are at or near their ideal weight but still have unwanted fat deposits in concentrated areas. Typically, these deposits create noticeable bulges which detract from your figure. CoolSculpting targets these bulges for a smoother, more toned silhouette. 

How It Works

The CoolSculpting system uses cryolipolysis, a method of applying controlled cooling to concentrations of excess fat. Since fat freezes at a lower temperature than other types of cells, the device targets fat deposits and crystallizes the cells, causing them to die. In the weeks following treatment, your body naturally processes these cells and eliminates them from your body. The freezing technique reduces the number of fat cells in the treatment area by about 20 to 25 percent. While this method does not necessarily help you lose weight, it can make you appear slimmer. 

A Custom Treatment Plan

Before recommending CoolSculpting, a member of our team will sit down with you to discuss your goals, concerns, and budget. Based on this discussion and a physical exam, we can determine whether this treatment can realistically achieve your cosmetic goals. If you decide to proceed, we can create a personalized treatment plan to address your areas of concern. 

What to Expect during Treatment

The length of your treatment session will depend on how many areas you wish to address and which parts of your body are being treated. A typical CoolSculpting procedure at our office takes about 35 to 60 minutes. During your procedure, we will place a gel pad and applicator over the treatment area and then you will sit back and relax until your treatment is complete.

Non-invasive CoolSculpting at Jain Plastic Surgery can target stubborn fat deposits and help you achieve the smooth, toned figure you desire.

Generally, patients feel an intense cold at first which quickly dissipates as the area becomes numb. In some cases, you may have the sensation of pulling as suction is applied. Often, our patients read, catch up on work, or take a nap during their CoolSculpting procedure. Immediately after treatment, most patients return to their normal activities. 

Achieving Your Final Results

The full effects of your CoolSculpting treatment may take up to six months to become apparent. However, you will likely start to see changes as soon as three weeks. Typically, the most dramatic results appear after the first two months. Some patients desire additional CoolScuplting treatments or other cosmetic enhancements to accentuate their effects. 

Enhance Your Figure

For many patients, bulges persist despite consistent exercise and dieting. Non-invasive CoolSculpting at Jain Plastic Surgery can target stubborn fat deposits and help you achieve the smooth, toned figure you desire. Learn more about this advanced treatment option by contacting our firm online or calling (706) 322-9313 to speak with a member of our team today. 

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